Caltabiano v. Costco

milo.jpgEARN’s attorneys have also filed suit against COSTCO Wholesale Corporation, after Matt and Tracy Caltabiano’s Australian Shepherd Milo was poisoned after being given the wrong medication.  As alleged in the complaint, COSTCO employees gave the Caltabianos a human cancer drug for Milo rather than the proper medication a veterinarian had prescribed.  Milo was poisoned but thankfully he survived.  EARN’s attorneys are seeking damages from COSTCO for the costs incurred keeping Milo alive as well as sufficient funds to cover expenses for Milo’s ongoing care.

Update: Successful Settlement!

EARN is proud to announce that on behalf of Milo, our attorneys were able to secure substantial funds from Costco to cover all prior and future expected medical. The recent settlement is an affirmation that Milo is MORE than a piece of property and deserves to be treated accordingly. 

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