Make a Difference

Here Are 10 Ways Everyone Can Help Animals Today:
1.  Go Vegan:
  • Animals are tortured in factory farms.  They are injected with artificial hormones, confined in horrifying conditions, and treated like commodities rather than living beings.  By substituting foods like beans, tempeh, tofu, and almond milk for meat, chicken, eggs, and milk, you can improve your health and stand up for animals.  A vegan diet is better for animals, human health, human rights, and the environment.  Everyone wins with a plant based diet!
 2.  Buy Cruelty Free Products:
  • It’s hard to believe that animal experimentation still exists in a world so technologically advanced that rockets can take off and land. But indeed, everything from laundry detergent to shampoo to lip balm is still tested on animals. Read the label or consult a “Cruelty Free” buying guide (like this one: to ensure you are not spending your hard earned dollars to support the suffering and torture of animals in laboratories.
 3.  Don’t Wear Animals:
  • Fur, leather, wool, silk, cashmere, reptile skins and all clothing made of any animal products involves the same suffering and torture as on a factory farm. Animals are subjected to abuse that includes anal electrocution, being skinned alive, being beaten by desensitized factory workers, and being imprisoned in small cramped cages. In addition, the production of animal based clothing contributes to global warming, land devastation, pollution and water
    contamination.  Choose wisely and make compassion your fashion!
 4.  Don’t Support Animals In Entertainment:
  • Wild animals belong in the wild, where they can engage in natural behaviors.  For example, elephants roam as many as 30 miles per day in the wild.  If the mere logical assertion that animals do not belong to us to capture, train by violence, and remove from their natural habitats is not compelling enough, maybe the plethora of incidents of people being killed or disfigured by wild animals in captivity will cause people to make the connection.  The confinement needs to stop.  Spending power is the best way to put this industry out of business.  Don’t buy a ticket to:
    • Circuses
    • Zoos
    • Aquariums
    • Petting Zoos
    • Pony Rides
    • Swim With Dolphin Programs
    • Live Events That Use Animals
    • Horse/Dog Racing
    • Rodeo
    • Bull Fighting
Instead, buy a ticket to :
Cirque Du Soleil and other human only circus shows
Whale or Dolphin Watching which illustrates natural behaviors as you see them in their natural habitats.
Movies that use CGI instead of real animals
5.  Engage In Advocacy
  • Call Federal/State/Local Representatives and go on the record with your opinion on policies.
  • Click Here For Elected Official Contacts: 
  • Attend and Speak at City Council Meetings and be heard by your elected officials.
  • Expose political systems that are not responding to people through public demonstrations.
  • Use social media to foster awareness and grow the conversation.
 6.  Adopt Don’t Buy
  • Over 2,000,000 dogs are euthanized every year.  When you buy an animal from a pet store or breeder you are allowing another to be euthanized. Puppy mills raise hundreds of dogs in deplorable conditions, breeding females over and over until they are no longer able to be bred and are then discarded. Many large mall chains have recently passed policies prohibiting pet stores and large cities like Los Angeles have recently passed legislation outlawing all pet stores that sell dogs other than those from a shelter/rescue.
  • Fostering an animal is another extraordinary way to contribute if you are not able to adopt.  Email: if you are interested in becoming a foster parent to an animal.
 7.  “Never Be Silent”
  • Speak up for animals used in movies and TV by making phone calls to producers, publicists, networks or anyone you can locate that is linked to the show or movie. The Internet makes it incredibly easy to track down the right people.
  • Speak Up Against Animal Abuse by confronting it when you see it. Call the police when you see a dog locked in a hot car, an animal left tied out and unattended, or someone hurting their own or a wild animal.
  • Confront kids throwing rocks at birds, squirrels, cats or any other animals.
8.  Educate Others Through Leading By Example

Simply put, “Practice What You Preach.”
It’s easy for people to call themselves animal lovers when it applies to the dog that sleeps on their bed or the cuddly creature in the Facebook photo but then ignore cruelty to animals when it means they’d have to change their diet or their wardrobe.  Don’t embrace ignorance.  Show others the benefits of a plant-based diet and fashionable, cruelty free clothing.  Make choices that you’re proud of and others will follow your example.  
9.  Educate Yourself
  • Watch brilliant documentaries like:
    • Earthlings
    • The Cove
    • Forks Over Knives
    • The Ghosts In Our Machines (Coming Soon)
    • The Heist (Coming Soon)
    • One Nation Under Dog
    • End Of The Line
    • Skin Trade
    • Behind The Mask
  • Visit Farm Sanctuary and other animal sanctuaries (not zoos or aquariums) that allow you to interact with these amazing creatures in healthy and non-exploitative setting.
  • Read books such as Fast Food Nation, The China Study, or Skinny Bitch.
 10.  Volunteer
  • There are so many organizations that need passionate and compassionate people on the front lines being the voice for the voiceless.  Help out at your local animal shelter, with a non-profit organization, or campaign in support of animal friendly legislation. 

Contact EARN at or (310) 403-6694.

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