Stopping Dog Shootings

chicoblueimage.jpgOn July 10, 2013 EARN’s attorneys filed a suit seeking justice for Chico Blue, a beloved family dog who was brutally shot and killed by law enforcement officers in the City of Pico Rivera.  According to the complaint, Chico Blue was shot even though he posed no threat to officers.  You can read more details about the case in the press release or in these articles:


LA Deputies Shot Dog, Let It Bleed To Death, Owner Alleges In Lawsuit


Lawsuit accuses L.A. County deputies of torturing, killing dog


When EARN's attorneys took the case for Chico Blue's guardian Arturo Gonzalez, Arturo said that he wasn't interested in money.  Instead, he wanted to help ensure that what happened to Chico Blue doesn't happen to another dog.  Arturo wanted to make a difference.  So EARN's attorney's got creative and helped achieve a historic settlement in the case.  


In addition to obtaining monetary compensation from the County of Los Angeles, EARN's attorneys crafted the very first settlement to require law enforcement officers to undergo training on how to humanely handle encounters with dogs.   


In order to save the lives of our beloved canine companions, EARN flew in world famous dog expert Brian Kilcommons to provide hands on training to the officers involved in shooting Chico Blue.  Holding officers accountable is the first step in this critical fight to prevent these senseless shootings.


Due to groundbreaking work in the Chico Blue case, EARN was invited to participate in a press conference in Washington D.C., along with the Department of Justice, the National Canine Research Council, and Safe Humane Chicago.  The groups came together in order to make training accessible to law enforcement officers all over the country. 


danni.JPG EARN is also currently seeking justice for Danni and Pepper, and pushing for officers to receive mandatory training.  You can read more about the case here:

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