Our Mission

Expand Animal Rights Now (EARN) is dedicated to the proposition that no animal is just a piece of property. Our goal is to expand animal rights in the courtroom, educate students about how to stand up for animals in classrooms, and raise awareness about the exploitation of animals through community outreach.

EARN's attorneys act as pro-bono or contingency based legal counsel representing individuals who wish to file lawsuits that will protect or expand the rights of animals. EARN is specifically focused on cases that can have a systemic influence. By taking on unique cases and using innovative legal strategies, EARN uses the legal system to expand animal rights in significant ways.

EARN’s primary goal is to attack what is known as the "property status" of animals.

Many existing laws mistakenly treat animals as if they are inanimate objects, no different than furniture or appliances. Because animals are treated as property, they are denied fundamental rights to which any sentient being is entitled and too often, are victims of unspeakable cruelty. EARN recognizes that animals are valuable, intelligent beings capable of compassion, altruism, and heroism, and that they deserve to have their lives and interests protected. We all intuitively know that animals are more than just a piece of property. EARN is working to turn that proposition into a reality.

EARN also educates members of the community about current animal protection laws while working to strengthen or improve those laws. In addition, EARN goes into classrooms and teaches students how adopting a plant based diet can not only improve the students' health, but can also promote the humane treatment of animals.

When animals suffer we all suffer, because we are guilty of not treating animals with the dignity and compassion they deserve. However, EARN believes that we can and will get better. One of the best things about American society is that it inevitably becomes more compassionate and more tolerant over time. Like the suffrage movement or the civil rights movement that resulted in immense progress for individuals who had been mistreated, EARN believes that the animal rights movement is on the verge of making enormous progress for animals who have been exploited and aims to be at the forefront of this critically important movement. EARN will be the voice for animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Contact EARN at expandanimalrightsnow@gmail.com or (310) 403-6694.

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