Pet Matchmaker: Who will be the voice for animals?

An English Bulldog puppy was strangled to death while being groomed at Petsmart; Barkworks is accused of hiding the fact that their puppies were obtained from abusive puppy mills; Costco pharmacy gave an Australian Shepherd a lethal dose of cancer drugs. These are but a few of the cases that EARN’s attorneys are working on. What’s EARN? A group that’s changing the lives of animals nationwide.

When people think of animal rights groups, they generally picture vegans rescuing animals and protesting animal cruelty. EARN, however, is an up and coming group with a slightly different approach. The group was started in November of 2012 by CEO and founder, Jill Ryther and is based out of Canoga Park, California. Though the members do rescue and foster animals, along with protesting deplorable conditions, their main goal is closer to the root problem. The deficiencies of our legal system prevent animals from being adequately protected in this country. Animals are classified as insignificant, lifeless pieces of property. So basically, if somebody harmed your pet, it would be treated in the same way as if they damaged your bicycle. I know… how is this possible, right? Animals are living, breathing, loving creatures just like human beings. Well, this is exactly what EARN is changing, by speaking for those who have no voice.

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