So-Called "Dangerous Dog" Cases 


Many times every day, local Animal Services Departments hold hearings to impound or kill a family dog. 

Maybe two dogs got into a scuffle, or a barking dog scared a passerby. In some cases, a person has been bitten. Very often, though, the charges are minor, unclear, in dispute, or even untrue. Yet, the complaint can lead to devastating consequences.

In these so-called “dangerous dog” cases, a family's dog may be forced into an animal shelter for weeks or months until the hearing takes place—at the family's expense. Then, there are animals who are taken and killed (under the less threatening term, "euthanized.")

Few people understand the laws, how administrative hearings work, or what rights they and their animals have before, during, and after a hearing.

Many are not even aware they can have legal representation. 
Some who get citations speak little or no English and are uncomfortable in settings involving governmental authority.
EARN protects those who can't afford protection

It is vital that people know they have rights and that there is legal counsel to help them. For dogs in families who can afford to pay, there is Ryther Law Group.  However, the freedom of so many other dogs—and the ability of their loved ones to protect them—depends entirely on the generosity of donors like you.