Chico Blue

Chico Blue

Dog Shootings 

Hundreds of times a year, police officers shoot and kill dogs that are posing no threat to them. The dog may be part of a family who isn't even the target of the police action; s/he just happens to live on or near the premises.

Chico Blue Is One Example
On July 10, 2013, Chico Blue, the beloved dog of the Gonzalez family, was brutally shot and killed by law enforcement officers in the City of Pico Rivera. According to the complaint, Chico Blue was shot even though he posed no threat to officers.  

An Innovative, Groundbreaking Resolution
Our client, Arturo Gonzalez, wasn't interested in money. Instead, he wanted to see that what happened to Chico Blue wouldn't happen to any other dog. His goal was right in line with EARN's mission to use the legal system to effect lasting, structural changes. 

So EARN's attorneys got creative and helped achieve an historic settlement.  

In addition to obtaining monetary compensation from the County of Los Angeles, EARN's attorneys crafted the very first settlement to require law enforcement officers to undergo training on how to humanely handle encounters with dogs.

Due to our groundbreaking work on the Chico Blue case, EARN was invited to participate in a press conference in Washington, D.C., along with the Department of Justice, the National Canine Research Council, and Safe Humane Chicago. The groups came together in order to work on making training accessible to law enforcement officers all over the country.