Empowering People Who Love Their Animals

Most people are unaware of the many legal rights we have as animal caregivers (or, as some say, “pet owners”). That's why we run continuous campaigns to educate and empower people. 


Every day, people give Animal Services officers permission to enter their homes without a search warrant when even police officers (which AC officers are not) need one to enter.

That’s also why, every day, dogs and cats (who are family members, but treated by the law as property) are illegally seized by Animal Services officers without due process of law—and people feel frozen into helplessness.

That’s also why, every day, people, whose dogs were wrongly impounded, are wrongly denied the right to bring their dog home, even after the 10-day rabies “waiting period” has expired. 

Thus, EARN wants to:

  1. create a well-informed public, so that every person with an animal is ready and able to protect their loved ones if the moment ever arrives—as it does for so many people each week in SoCal;
  2. hold Animal Services and animal shelters accountable to abide by the laws and regulations taht are currently in place.