Gross Negligence Cases


Until you are on the receiving end of calls from grieving people who have just lost their beloved cat, dog, horse, or other animal, you can't truly comprehend how veterinary gross negligence can occur—unless it has happened to your own loved one.

Many people, having trusted their animal's life to a vet, feel the shame and guilt of not being    able to save their loved one from what they believe was grossly negligent care.

To be clear: We are not interested in simply pursuing malpractice cases. We DO NOT sue vets     who make honest mistakes, or who use their best judgment even if it turns out to be wrong. We DO NOT take cases for the sake of finding someone to blame, even though some people's hearts are in pain. Veterinarians who are ethical and truly care about their patients are essential to the health and well-being of our society.  On the other hand, vets who have shown they care far more about money than the animals; those are the ones we want to feel the legal consequences of their actions.

Many people can’t afford to sue, yet they need some sense of justice for closure. If we have the          financial means to help them, we will.