Making Grants to Low income Families to Pay for Pet Insurance Premiums

To honor the loving memory of his companion, Scotch, Simon Yu founded The Scotch Fund.

EARN is proud to have been asked to oversee it.

The Scotch Fund’s mission is to provide eligible low income families with grants to pay premiums for emergent/critical care insurance for their beloved animal family members. 

Access Specialty Animal Hospitals launched The Scotch Fund with a generous donation of $5,000. 

Simon Yu and EARN encourage other veterinary hospitals, and every animal guardian who has the financial ability, to pledge their own donations. Untold thousands of animals lack the health care they need, not because they are unloved or neglected, but simply because their families cannot afford it. 

Your support to The Scotch Fund can change that. Please donate however much you are able.  Even if you are are unable at this time to make a donation, you can make a difference by spreading the word to many people you know. 

With the help of your generosity, Scotch’s life will have true meaning for many years to come. 

Please donate here to the Scotch Fund.

A message from Scotch Fund Founder, Simon Yu:

Our short legged, fur baby unexpectedly crossed the rainbow bridge in January of 2018. He was vibrant, beautiful, sweet, and had so much compassion for everyone and everything that came his way. We will eternally be devastated over his sudden passing, but we also know we can't mourn forever. 

When we were in the position of checking him into the ER, the bills and charges started adding up— quickly into the thousands. I mean, we would’ve paid and given anything if it could save our pup, but there was nothing the doctors could do. Amidst of this chaotic day, we couldn’t help but wonder… what if a person without the financial means was in a similar situation? Or a family? How could they have afforded this emergency situation?

Fortunately, Scotch had pet insurance. It really lifted a heavy burden while we grieved, but from personal experience, we can’t stress how important it is to have pet insurance. He left an imprint on every heart he’s encountered, leaving the deepest in ours. So we decided to take the steps to heal, share some of the love he’s gifted us and do something special to give back to the community. The road to recovery after losing a loved one is long but we’re seeking solace that ours is paved with Scotch's paw prints & sweet memories.

We want to commemorate and celebrate his life forever: The Scotch Fund will assist funds for low income families to be able to buy pet insurance. Financial issues shouldn’t determine the life of our fur children. Scotch will selflessly assist both people and animals of all kinds from that rainbow bridge and that is what our angel would’ve wanted.

In support of Simon Yu and The Scotch Fund, please donate to support low income families in need of pet insurance.