This Is Our Mission

We are using the tools of the legal system and the court of public opinion to:

  • Influence positive changes to local laws as well as how they're currently enforced
    (they're old and give people very few rights but lots of burdens).
  • Inform people of their legal rights, so they're prepared if they suddenly need to use them.
  • Provide low- and no-cost legal representation in Animal Control cases
    (to fight penalties, impoundment, and euthanasia). 
  • Give basic legal support to small rescue groups.
  • And more. 

This Is What We Do


EMPOWER THOSE WHO LOVE THEIR ANIMALS.  If you are like most people,
you are unaware of your legal rights as an animal guardian (or, as some say, “owner”). We see many people, uninformed of their rights, being intimidated by the animal control system and feeling fear, confusion, and despair.  Our main mission is to challenge current, but outdated, local laws to hold Animal Services accountable for fair and reasonable standards; AND to change the laws to better protect people's property rights (since, for now, animals are considered property). [more]


"DANGEROUS DOG" CASES. We intervene with local Animal Service
Departments to save family animals from being impounded or killed. [more]


DOG SHOOTINGS. Through law suits and officer training,
we fight to put an end to needless dog shootings by police. [more]



RESCUE GROUP SUPPORT. We help very small rescues,
whose funds are better spent on animals than on legal issues. [more]




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