We are the only non-profit of our kind in california.

This Is Our Mission

  • Speak up for animals, who can't speak up for themselves.

  • Represent those who seek protection and justice for animals,
    and need legal & financial support to do so. 

  • Expand the law to treats animals as beings with fundamental rights,
    not as property.

  • Evolve our society to treat animals with respect, love, and appreciation. 

This Is What We Do

  • "DANGEROUS DOG" CASES. We intervene with local Animal Service
    Departments to save family animals from being impounded or killed. [more]


  • DOG SHOOTINGS. Through law suits and officer training,
    we fight to put an end to needless dog shootings by police. [more]


  • RESCUE GROUP SUPPORT. We help very small rescues,
    whose funds are better spent on animals than on legal issues. [more]




Bios of Our Team 

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